Re: Nov 1st meeting

Great night of photography at the meeting last night. My thanks goes out to Jeff Brown for bringing his photo stacking equipment, John Novak and Ken and Sue Olmsted for bringing their light tents and items to photograph and Frank Calic for bringing his portrait studio. I think everyone had a good time learning new things.

Linda Feick

Oct 18th Meeting

What an excellent presentation at last nights meeting with Russ Salaman! His talk on low light and commercial photography was very informative and his hands on approach produced some amazing images.
Thank you Russ for a truly enlightening evening!

Linda Feick

Oct 4th Meeting

We had an enjoyable evening with Guest Speaker: Paul Brewer. He showed us some excellent slides of wildlife with interesting stories to support them. He also gave us information on how to takes similar shots. Lots of time and patience are key. Knowing the habits of the creatures you are trying to capture also plays a big part in your success.

He then went on to tell us about the Fuji X-T2 camera and it’s benefits. I want one but although it seems to be a reasonable price, that is outside my budget.