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Your Executive Committee would like to provide additional information regarding the balance of this year’s meeting schedule, and the status of Contest 3 and Photo Art Contest.

The health and well-being of members, photo contest judges and speakers is our top priority in making decisions regarding the balance of the meetings from now to the end of May.

Photo Contests

1. The Judging Day to consider Contest 3 and Photo Art entries, which was scheduled for Saturday, March 28th, has been cancelled. It has been determined that Contest 3 and the Photo Art Contest will not occur this year due the uncertainty of COVID-19.

It has been decided that the topics for Contest 1 next year (i.e. 2020-21), will be City Scenes and Open, along with Photo Art, so the photos you have already submitted can be used. However, you can replace these photos if you wish before the deadline in October 2020.

If you didn’t submit photos for this year’s Contest 3 and Photo Art, you can certainly submit photos for next year’s Contest 1 and Photo Art competition before the deadline in October 2020. This would mean there will be two Photo Art contests in 2020-21, one at the same time as Contest 1 and another along with Contest 3.

2. Further discussion to determine this year’s First, Second and Third Places for Photographer of the Year, Image of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Members’ Choice, is required. As soon as a decision is made, you will be informed.


1. Regular membership meetings, which were scheduled for April 1st and April 15th have been cancelled. Depending on how the coming weeks unfold concerning COVID-19, decisions regarding the balance of this year’s meetings will be made and conveyed to you.

Len Grincevicius
Contest Chair
Woodstock Camera Club