Another Good Year

On May 25 we held our Year-end Gala wrap-up. We had an excellent turnout and everyone went home with a prize and a satisfied appetite. Plans are underway for our next season’s program. We have a new Program Chair who has some offers of help. Looking forward to September, but only after we have time … [Read more…]

Nik Collection Now Free

Google is now offering their Nik Software collection for free.  It is an extensive set of software plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements plus. I downloaded them and viewed a video on how to use them from the same web site. An impressive set of tools but it might take a while to master. Google for … [Read more…]

WCC Swop Meet and Analogue Night Feb 17, 2016

Our next meeting is fast approaching. We have some items for our swop meet, but could use more. If you’ve got something you would like to sell bring it with you. We will have table space for you to display your wares. Attached is a list of the items that we have so far. Maybe … [Read more…]