Flash Photography

We were enlightened at our Jan. 6th meeting by our guest speaker Michael Willems. Flash photography was the subject of his presentation and he didn’t disappoint us, giving lots of insight into when, where and why we should be using our flashes to get the best picture possible. With tips and tricks to help us … [Read more…]

Bring your camera and flash

Bill Hall put this on Facebook and Brian Harris asked what lens to bring.  Bill Hall replied: “I would think just a regular kit lens and maybe a wide angle lens would be enough. We are going to be in the small room so we wouldn’t likely need a telephoto lens.” I missed the bring … [Read more…]

Display your photography

Tonight (Nov 18) we were privileged to view a CAPA judging process for Greeting Cards and Notes. We don’t know who entered or won. We didn’t actually see the judging except for the judges doing their work in the far corner of a large room. We did however get to see some excellent works by … [Read more…]

Latest Bragging Rights Picture

Two of our bragging Rights challenges are complete. See the details here: 2015-2016 Bragging Rights Intro See the  results here: Bragging Rights