August Newsletter – 2006

I was doing some tidying up today and when I looked at the the paper in my hand, I discovered it was the WCC newsletter printed in August 2006. I found it interesting and thought you might also. August Newsletter from 2006   BoB  

Bragging Rights

Get your pictures ready for the next meeting for display and judging. See details here: 2015-2016 Bragging Rights Intro Then every other meeting. The topic for the 7 October meeting is “My Summer”. See the  results here: Bragging Rights

Contest Details

John Novak has provided us with details on this year’s contests.  You can find it here: 2015-2016 Contests Intro

Jason, another great presentation

On the evening of 23 Sept. 2015, Jason Gennings once again shared his knowledge and humor with the Woodstock Camera Club. As we started there was standing room only and extra chairs were brought in. That is an indication of our past experiences with this speaker. Jason talked about composition: noun 1. the act of … [Read more…]