November Newsletter 2015

And now we have our latest newsletter.  They continue to be an informative valuable read.  November Newsletter Nov. 2015 Newsletter

August Newsletter – 2006

I was doing some tidying up today and when I looked at the the paper in my hand, I discovered it was the WCC newsletter printed in August 2006. I found it interesting and thought you might also. August Newsletter from 2006   BoB  

Bragging Rights

Get your pictures ready for the next meeting for display and judging. See details here: 2015-2016 Bragging Rights Intro Then every other meeting. The topic for the 7 October meeting is “My Summer”. See the  results here: Bragging Rights

Contest Details

John Novak has provided us with details on this year’s contests.  You can find it here: 2015-2016 Contests Intro