Calibrating Your Monitor

The Fall 2014 issue of the CAPA magazine had a neat fact which I haven’t seen anywhere else before. This will be of interest to club members who process their images on their computer and who wonder about calibrating their monitors. The concern is that if you process your images on an overly bright monitor … [Read more…]

Ripley’s Aquarium Trip

Hello Everyone,   Just wanted to share some of my experience last Saturday.  What a fantastic trip.  Had a great time.  I thank Linda, Deb and Bill for their hard work.  I think everyone had a great time.  Boy was it ever hard to get images in the aquarium.  The acrylic sure was so challenging, … [Read more…]

Halton County Radial Railway

October 18, 2014 The weather was a little cool with occasional drizzle but that didn’t really hamper the outing. Smooth talking Jeff Brown got one of the staff to let us into the area where the volunteers refurbish the various rolling stock they have. Bill Thompson enjoyed the ride on the old streetcar and wanted … [Read more…]

Missed the shot

This morning as I was taking my dogs for a walk, I spotted a beautiful scene with colours that made me say wow.  I decided to take the shot but by the time I was in position it was gone. That was 30 seconds max. I took the picture anyway. Those trees in the background … [Read more…]